CRS does not have this information about the ACT Government budget and current income from waste. This needs to be sought directly from the Government.

We wish to add that such an assessment should include the ongoing costs to maintain the landfill even beyond its closure, including environmental costs that cannot be mitigated (for example methane and leachate).

In terms of waste tonnage generated in 2014 – 2015, The ACT Waste Feasibility Study (ongoing) found:

  1. Total waste generation – 1,042,089 tonnes
  2. Per capita annual waste generation – 2.67 tonnes (highest of all States and Territories – Tasmania is 1.2 tonnes)
  3. Per capita annual domestic Kerbside general waste generation (not including ‘yellow lid bin’) – 184kg
  4. Estimated annual amount of organic waste to landfill – 50,000 tonnes
  5. Estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions from landfill – 70,600 tonnes Co2 (1.8% of ACT total emissions)
  6. The whole-of-life cost per household is between $140 and $150 per annum. This includes the current NOWaste contracts, management costs, capital and remediation costs of waste to landfill and is net of revenue from gate fees.