Measuring truck movements will be determined in a key study to be completed in the Draft EIS. (Please note we have not confirmed that sludge will be part of the project and our primary focus is on transportation of household waste (red bins)/ municipal solid waste (MSW) and commercial and industrial waste (C&I) currently going to landfill in the ACT.)

An independent traffic specialist has been engaged to investigate and report on traffic impacts. Our investigations will confirm volumes and assumptions. At the moment over 300,000 tonnes of waste goes directly to the Mugga landfill annually and it is transported by a number of different contractors. Some would travel to the CRS recycling and renewable energy centre, some would not. Yellow recycling bins, for example, will continue to go to Mugga Lane.

The general public and other vehicles taking recyclables and green waste to Mugga Lane, Mitchell or West Belconnen would not visit the proposed CRS centre. The trucks taking the red bin waste residues from the transfer stations to Mugga Lane would divert to the CRS centre – to increase recycling, resource recovery and generate electricity. The general public would be encouraged to use the existing drop-off arrangements at Mugga Lane, Mitchell and West Belconnen.