The Waste-to-Energy industry has made huge strides over the last 20 years to reduce emissions. This progress has been further driven by the introduction of the European Waste Incineration Directive (WID) in 2000, which sets the stringent emission limit values that plants now achieve. It is worth noting that these emission limits are the strictest placed on any industry.

We would like to put peoples’ minds at rest that it is safe to live near Waste-to-Energy plants so please see this [link] for a list of studies by eminent scientists and national environment agencies and ministries from across Europe. They all confirm that it is safe to live near a modern, well run Waste-to-Energy plant operating Best Available Techniques.

The best way to learn about having a Waste-to-Energy plant as a neighbour is to ask somebody who lives near one. The next best thing is to visit one yourself. Many plants offer open door days – please contact us for more information

One famous example of a Waste-to-Energy plant is in the centre of Vienna – called Spittelau. This plant is so well known as a landmark in the city that it attracts tourists from around the world in its own right. The Spittelau plant provides the nearby hospital with heating and cooling.