Yes, there are hundreds of similar established and proven centres overseas.

There are three similar centres within 2km of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are three in the heart of London. Other centres, of varying size, are listed below.

Vancouver has operated since 1988, recycling metal and producing electricity for 16,000 homes

Vienna has a thermal waste treatment plant. The designers paid great attention to the aesthetic look of the centre (shown here).

Paris – a link to a presentation from 2015 is attached here. Some 50% of Paris District Heating network demand is supplied by three waste-to-energy plants:

London has the view this is green energy. A link to London Waste website is here.

In Italy, a group called a2a is described. They publish a weekly report containing daily emissions data for our waste-to-energy plants and for a number of thermoelectric plants.

To see a map of various facilities across Europe in 2014, please open this link

It is recommended you take a look at other energy centres on