Draft 26 10 2017
26 October 2017
Capital Recycling Solutions (CRS) proposal for an advanced centre for recycling, resource recovery and renewable energy in Fyshwick is moving ahead with ongoing studies and community consultation.
“The ACT Government issued stringent requirements for a Draft EIS in July and we’ve been working since then to listen to the views of Canberrans and to secure consultants to study design, construction, environmental, technical and social factors”, said Adam Perry from CRS.
“In listening to the community, we have received some positive responses to our proposal. We also understand that for some people we need to work closely through the issues and to share draft information as they have concerns about possible or perceived impacts.
“To provide the time to do this, we have revised our approach to our plans and will now separate the project into two distinct draft environmental impact statements.
“Our consultations have highlighted the commitment of Canberrans to recycling and an urgent need to reduce the waste going into landfill. We are bringing forward our recycling plans to divert some 300,000 tonnes per annum from the Mugga Lane Tip.
The waste would be transferred to specialised containers, and railed to the Woodlawn Bioreactor. This then saves valuable landfill space at Mugga Lane for the ACT to continue disposing hazardous and problematic wastes. This would considerably extend the life of the Mugga Lane landfill and defers the need to clear adjacent woodlands for an expansion of that site. We expect to have a Draft EIS on display for consultation by the end of the year.
“We are also going to get moving to develop the freight rail terminal on the site, as this has received widespread support from business and the community. This will enable us to export recyclables and other materials by rail – rather than trucks on ACT roads. This also provides a new transport option for other Canberra businesses.
“CRS remains committed to developing a renewable energy facility to meet Canberra’s electricity needs and this will be a separate draft EIS. This facility, a first for the ACT, will provide renewable energy for thousands of Canberra homes, using proven European technology currently found in similar environmentally minded and smart cities around the world.
“We are going to take more time to complete the renewable energy studies and to discuss the results with the community. It’s important and necessary work and there is a lot of information to convey and be considered.
“CRS has also decided to reduce the size of the facility from a 30 mega-watt electricity plant to a 15 mega-watt electricity plant. We have halved its size as we have heard the “feed the furnace” concerns of some stakeholders. This will mean we won’t import any waste from Sydney – another concern we have heard.
“Our expectation is that the draft EIS for the renewable energy facility will be ready for public display in 2018. “CRS will continue to engage with Canberrans on all aspects of our proposal and welcome all contact. We are committed to a leading-edge centre that will place the ACT at the forefront of waste management and education in Australia”, said Adam Perry.

CRS is a joint venture between Benedict Industries and Access Recycling.
CRS has established a joint venture with ActewAGL Retail for the generation of baseload renewable electricity for the ACT grid.
Contact: Adam Perry, Director, Capital Recycling Solutions, 0408 762 296
Contact: Gail Morgan, Associate Partner, Newgate Communications, 0412 926 348